List of Dungeons and Dragons Spells

This is not a comprehensive list of spells!  This is a list of 300 plus spells that are generally self explanatory.  I have used this list in 7-10th grade advanced ESL classes.  The students create a magical hero or heroine and then a write a short story about this hero or heroine.  One rule I impose is that the hero or heroine can only use three of the spells on the list.  This is a great small group activity that develops vocabulary and excites their young imaginations.  If the a students asked the meaning of a spell then I used guided questioning to help the student guess what the spell might be rather than telling the students out right what the spell does.

Augmented Cure


Bears Endurance

Benign Transposition

Bestow Curse

Bigbys Slapping Hand


Blast of Flame



Body Adjustment

Bolt of Disruption

Briar Web

Bulls Strength

Burning Hands


Call Lightning


Cats Grace

Cause Fear

Chaos Hammer

Charm Monster

Charm Person

Chill Touch

Close Wounds

Color Spray

Command Human

Command Undead

Concealing Amorpha

Cone of Cold


Cure Wounds

Curse of Ill Fortune

Curse of Impending Blades


Deific Vengeance

Dimension Door

Dimension Hop


Dissolving Weapon

Divine Protection


Eldritch Spear

Electricity Burst

Empowered Burning Hands

Empowered Cure Critical Wounds

Empowered Lesser Sonic Orb

Empowered Magic Missile

Empowered Melf’s Acid Arrow

Empowered Scorching Ray

Energy Vortex

Exhalation of the Black Dragon

Expeditious Retreat

Faerie Fire

Fear Cone

Finger of Death



Flame Blade

Flame Strike



Half-Fiend Blight

Halt Mind

Hold Monster

Hold Person

Holy Smite

Hostile Empathic Transfer


Inertial Armor

Inflict Critical Wounds

Inflict Light Wounds

Inflict Moderate Damage

Inflict Moderate Wounds

Legion’s Magic Fang

Legion’s Magic Weapon

Legion’s Shield of Faith

Legion’s Undeniable Gravity

Legions Shield of Faith

Lightning Bolt

Mage Armor

Magic Fang

Magic Missile

Magic Weapon

Major Resistance

Mass Inflict Light Wounds

Melfs Acid Arrow

Mind Thrust

Mordenkainen’s Sword

Mordenkainens Buzzing Bee

Mystras Curse

Neutralize Poison

Nimbus of Light

Offensive Precognition

Phantom Threat


Produce Flame

Protection from Energy

Psionic Charm

Psionic Daze

Quickened Unholy Blight

Ray of Enfeeblement

Remove Paralysis

Resist Fire

Ring of Blades

Rust Construct



Scorching Ray

Searing Light

Serpent Arrow

Shield of Faith

Short-Range Fireball

Slashing Darkness



Snakes Swiftness

Snillocs Snowball Swarm

Sound Burst

Specified Energy Adaptation

Spiritual Weapon


Summon Monster

Summon Natures Ally

Summon Spider of Lolth

Summon Undead

Swift Fly

Tasha’s Hideous Laughter

True Strike

Unholy Blight

Venom Bolt


Warp Wood

Wave of Grief

Winters Embrace

Witchknife Command

Witchknife Greater Command


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