List of Human Resource Development (HRD) Topics

Hugh Fox HRD

360° feedback

Abrasive managers

Absenteeism reduction


ADA compliance

Adult learning theory

Affirmative action programs

Aligning performance objectives

Alternatives to violence

Americans with Disabilities Act training

Anger management

Apology programs

Appreciative inquiry



Assertiveness for women

Assessment centers


Attention to detail

Attitudes toward work

Autonomous teams

Balanced scorecards

Bargaining skills

Bargaining strategies

Basic employee law for supervisors

Basic supervisory skills

Behavioral interviewing

Benefits & compensation

Brainstorming (and other techniques)

Branding strategies


Burn-out prevention and recovery

Business controls

Business ethics

Business etiquette

Business process analysis

Business professionalism

Business scorecards

Business writing

Call center management

Campus conflict management programs

Capacity building

Career development

Career strategies for minorities

Career strategies for women

Change management

Changing corporate culture

Church conflict resolution

Church leadership skills

Civil rights issues

Climate surveys

Coaching for commitment

Coaching skills for managers


Collaborative problem-solving

Collaborative strategies

College mediation programs

Communicating by e-mail

Communication skills

Compensation systems

Complaints (how to handle)

Compliance training

Conflict audits

Conflict Dynamics Profile

Conflict management system design

Conflict prevention

Conflict resolution

Conflict styles

Constraints (Theory of)

Constructive feedback

Consultative selling skills

Consulting skills

Continuous improvement programs

Continuous professional improvement

Corporate apology programs

Corporate culture

Corrective discipline

Counseling skills

CPI 260 / 434 assessment

Creative problem-solving

Creative thinking

Creativity development

Crisis intervention

Crisis management

Crisis prevention systems

Critical thinking skills

Cross-cultural issues

Cultural intelligence (Africa)

Cultural intelligence (Canada First Nations)

Cultural intelligence (China)

Cultural intelligence (Japan)

Cultural intelligence (Latin America)

Cultural intelligence (Middle East)

Culture change

Custom-designed training

Customer complaints (how to resolve)

Customer satisfaction programs

Customer service

Decision styles


Delegation skills

Development centers

Difficult customers

Difficult people

Disability management

Disaster recovery planning

DISC Profiles



Dispute resolution system design

Distance learning teaching methods

Distributed teams (how to manage)


Diversity audits

Dress for success (for men)

Dress for success (for women)

Drug-free workplace

EAP counselor training

EAP program development

EEO investigations (how to conduct)

EEO litigation landmines (how to avoid)

EEO mediation

Effective meetings (how to conduct)

Effective technical teams

E-learning curriculum development

E-learning programs

Email communication practices

E-mail etiquette

Emotional intelligence

Emotional literacy

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Employee coaching and counseling

Employee compensation plans

Employee discipline

Employee law for managers

Employee motivation

Employee orientation programs

Employee recognition programs

Employee regulatory compliance audits

Employee retention

Employee selection

Employee termination

Employer-of-choice strategies

Employment law for managers

Encounter groups


EQI assessment and team training

Equal Employment Opportunity


Ethical decision-making


Etiquette for business success

Executive development

Executive profiling

Executive retreat facilitation

Expat employee adjustment training

Extended DISC

Facilitating group conflict

Facilitation skills

Failure (recovery from)

Family business conflict management

Family-operated businesses (management of)

Feedback skills

Fire employees effectively (how to)


Focus group facilitation

Focus group project management

Force-field analysis

Forte instrument

Giving and receiving feedback


Grievance arbitration skills for managers

Group decision-making

Group facilitation

Group problem-solving

Handling difficult people

Handling multiple projects

Harassment prevention training

Healing the healer

Healthy habits

Help desk training

Hiring assessments

Human capital strategies

Human factor management

Identifying violence-prone employees

Individual assessments

Influencing skills

Innovativeness (how to develop)

Instructional design

Intercultural issues

Interest-based bargaining

Interest-based problem-solving

Internal controls

Internal marketing

International business development

International management

Internet business development

Internet marketing

Interpersonal sensitivity training

Interpersonal skills

Interviewing skills

Job descriptions (how to write)

Keynote speeches

Knowledge management

Labor relations

Labor relations basics for supervisors

Labor union leadership skills

Labor-management cooperation

Leader behavior analysis

Leadership and supervision

Leadership development

Leadership for women

Leadership mentoring

Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)

Leadership profiling

Leading technical teams

Leading through mediation

Lean manufacturing

Lean production

Lean Six Sigma

Legal aspects of human resources

Legal aspects of management

Listening skills

Litigation avoidance

Management development

Management Directive 110

Management Directive 715

Management effectiveness

Management of mediation programs

Management of NGO’s

Management of training

Management of volunteers

Management styles

Managerial mediation

Managing differences

Managing difficult people

Managing dysfunctional employees

Managing emotions

Managing in family businesses

Managing managers

Managing multiple locations

Managing multiple projects

Managing off-site employees

Managing volunteers

Managing your boss

Market positioning

Marketing on the internet

Martin Operating Styles Inventory (MOSI)


Measuring human factors

Mediation program establishment (in-house)

Mediation skills (basic and advanced)

Mediation skills for managers

Mediation skills for ombuds

Mediator certification

Mediator ethics

Meeting facilitation

Meeting management skills

Mentoring programs

Mentoring skills for managers

Metrics in human resources

Micromanaging (avoiding)


Minority relations

Mission creation


Motivational systems



Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Mystery shopping

Needs assessment

Negativity in the workplace

Negotiation skills

Networking skills

New employee orientation programs

New manager integration

New supervisor training

NGO’s (management of)

Niche marketing

Non-profits (management of)

Non-violent communication

Occupational rehabilitation

Off-site employee management

Ombuds programs

On-line class community-building

On-line instructional design

Operating styles assessment

Organization development

Organizational assessments

Organizational behavior

Organizational conflict audits

Paraprofessional skills


Partnership dispute resolution

Peer coaching

Peer mediation

People skills

Performance evaluation

Performance management

Performance measurement

Personal development

Personal networking skills

Personality conflicts

PHR / SPHR recertification


Polarity management

Positive work attitudes

Potential-problem analysis

Presentation skills

Problem-solving skills

Process improvement

Process management

Productivity improvement

Productivity measurement

Professional partnership dispute resolution

Professional telephone skills

Professionalism in business

Program evaluation

Project management

Project partnering

Psychological type


Public speaking skills for managers

Quality management

Quality measurement

Receiving feedback

Recognition programs

Recruitment and retention

Recruitment and selection

Reducing work absenteeism

Reduction-in-force (how to manage)

Relationship management strategies

Requirements definition

Requirements gathering

Residence hall mediation programs

Resolving conflict

Respectful workplaces

Retaining employees

Retreat facilitation

Return-to-work programming

Reward and recognition programs

Running effective meetings

Safety & security

Sales call reluctance training

Sales closing techniques

Sales management

Sales skills

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOx/Sarbox)

School-based mediation programs

Scorecard systems

Security in the workplace

Self mediation

Self-directed work teams

Selling skills

Sensitivity training

Setting performance objectives

Sexual harassment prevention

Situational leadership

Six Sigma

Skills training

Socio-technical systems

SOx ethics (post-Sarbanes-Oxley)

Speaking to groups

Spirituality in the workplace

Staff development

Strategic conflict management

Strategic management

Strategic planning

Stress management

Strong Interest Inventory

Styles of management

Substance abuse

Succession management

Supervisory development

Supervisory styles

Supplier relations

Supply chain management

Survey design

Talent management

Team building

Team conflict resolution

Team performance problems

Telephone courtesy and customer service

Telephone sales skills

Terminating employees


Theory of Constraints (Goldratt)

Thinking skills

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Modes

Time management

Total Quality Management (TQM)

Training administration

Training needs assessment


Transformative mediation

Transition-to-work programs

Trust in the workplace

Unacceptable employee behavior

Union leadership skills

Union-management relations

Values creation

Vendor relations

Violence prevention

Violence risk audits

Virtual teams (how to manage)

Vision creation

Volunteers (management of)

Wage and salary administration

Wellness audits

Wellness training for employees

Whole Scale Change

Women and the glass ceiling

Women as leaders

Working under pressure

Work-life balance

Workplace bullying

Workplace resilience

Workplace violence

Writing business correspondence

Writing position descriptions

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