20 Famous Americans

20 Famous Americans Hugh Fox

                      1) Alexander Graham Bell – He invented the telephone.

2) Benjamin Franklin – Colonial founder-of-all-trades— scientist, printer, writer, diplomat, inventor, and more; like his country, he contained multitudes.

3) Dwight Eisenhower  He helped win WW II as a general.  As the 34th president, he won two elections, and made everybody like Ike.

4) Elvis Presley – The fifties king of rock and roll.

5) Ernest Hemingway – Famous writer.  His spare style defined American modernism, and his life made machismo a cliché.

6) Franklin Delano Roosevelt – 32nd President.  He said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” and then he proved it.

7) Frederick Douglass – After escaping from slavery, he pricked the nation’s conscience with an eloquent accounting of its crimes.

8) Harriet Beecher Stowe – She wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin and inspired a generation of abolitionists and set the stage for civil war.

9) Harry Truman – The 33rd president, this machine politician ushered in the Atomic Age and then the Cold War.

10) Henry Ford – He gave us the assembly line and the Model T, and sparked America’s love affair with the automobile.

11) J. P. Morgan – The great financier and banker was the prototype for all the Wall Street barons who followed.

12) James D. Watson – He co-discovered DNA’s double helix, revealing the code of life to scientists and entrepreneurs alike.

13) John D. Rockefeller          – The man behind Standard Oil set the mold for our tycoons—first by making money, then by giving it away.

14) John Quincy Adams – The 6th president.  The Monroe Doctrine’s real author, he set nineteenth-century America’s diplomatic course.

15) Lyndon Baines Johnson – The 36th president.  His brilliance gave us civil-rights laws; his stubbornness gave us Vietnam.

16) Mark Twain – He wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

17) Martin Luther King Jr. – His dream of racial equality is still elusive, but no one did more to make it real.

18) Richard Nixon – 37th President.  Opened relations with China and resigned due to Watergate scandal.

19) Robert E. Lee – Civil War general.  He was a good general but a better symbol, embodying conciliation in defeat.

20) Robert Oppenheimer – The father of the atomic bomb.

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