Peanut Haikus

1) Charlie Brown

Is he a loser?

Lucy fools him all the time

He is a good sport


2) Linus

He has a blanket

He has a loud big sister

Charlie Brown likes him


3) Lucy

She is assertive

She has a younger brother

She likes Schroeder


4) Marcie

She wears big glasses

Her friend is Patty

She likes to say “sir”


5) Peppermint Patty

She plays baseball well

She likes Charlie Brown a lot

Marcie is her friend


6) Pig-Pen

The sandbox is home

He is a philosopher

Dust clouds follow him


7) Sally

Her hair is light blond

She has an older brother

She is capricious


8) Schroeder

He loves Beethoven

Lucy sits on his piano

He loves Beethoven not her


9) Snoopy

He is a beagle

He thinks he is a human

He is almost human


10) Woodstock

He is a small bird

Snoopy is his best friend

He is named after a concert

WereVerse Universe Baby!