Robot Design Project Serious

The students will watch WALL-E.  The students will compare and contrast EVE and WALL_E.


The student will design a Robot using a chapter in the Eyewitness Guide for background information:

1) Robots on the move

2) Robot senses

3) Artificial intelligence

4) Robots in industry

5) Ready-made robots

4) Robots in the classroom

5) Playing with robots

6) Battle of the bots

8) Sporting robots

9) Robots in the lab

10) Robots in medicine

11) Helping around the home

12) Going where it’s hard to go

13) Flying and driving

14) Underwater robots

15) Robots in space

16) Robots and art

17) Musical robots

18) Animatronics

19) Machines with feelings

20) Teams and swarms

21) Cyborgs

22) Humanoids

23) Into the future

Pictures at:


Robot Online Worksheet

The Strange Family Tree of Dr. Fox

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