Insect Men of the 23rd Century



 The student will use various sets of vocabulary including colors, super powers, and insect names in a meaningful manner.

Pick a pair of glasses from the table!

I am Orithorn of the 23rd century.  I come after WW III, which caused the cognitive ascension of the insects.  I come after the conflict between the Empire of Man and the Empire of Insects in the 22nd century.  Peace was achieved via enforced species union.  In the future, there is no more man!  There are no more insects!  There are only the Insect Men of the 23rd century.  I am half-human, half-insect and all hero.  I have come to Bangsean, Thailand in the past order to give the glasses of power to special students.  Only the glasses can defeat the six dimensional mind-control fungus invaders from the Andromeda Galaxy.  The seers of the insect men predicted the arrival of the Andromedan mind-control fungus invaders long ago.

Orithorn is the great, great, great, great, great grandson of Dr. Fox.  Orithorn is the great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, grandson of Vulpe the Fortune Teller.

Help save the universe! Wear the glasses! Different glasses will give you different powers.

You think you picked the glasses but actually the glasses picked you!

Long Live the Empire of the Insect Men!

1.0) Glasses and Powers

After you find out what superpower you have then come up with your superhero name!


1.1) The black glasses enable the wearer to raise and control the dead!

The dead outnumber the living 15 to 1!


1.2) The blue glasses allow you to freeze objects and/or persons.

Superhero Origins: Ice Man

1.3) The gold glasses allow the wearer to turn anything they look at into gold.

King Midas and the golden touch SUBTITLES

1.4) The green glasses grant the wearer the ability to control plant life.

Poison Ivy Batman the Animated Series

Poison Ivy’s Best Bits Part 2 of 3 Batman Arkham Asylum *The Babes of Arkham* 720p HD


1.5) The magenta glasses grant the wearer the ability to control magnetism.

Magneto Stadium Levitation clip from X-Men: Days of Future Past

1.6) The orange glasses enable the wearer to turn invisible or to turn anything they look at invisible.

Invisible Women/Sue Storm

1.7) The pink glasses cause anyone that looks at you to fall in love with you or you can cause other people to fall in love with eachother.

The Story of Cupid

1.8) The red glasses enable the wearer to shoot force beams from their eyes.

X-Men Origins: Cyclops Trailer

1.9) The silver glasses enable the wearer to turn his body into steel!  Invulnerability and super strength follow.

Colossus Tribute


1.10) The violet glasses enable the wearer to shrink themselves or any object.  The wearer can later enlarge the object to normal size.

Shrinking Violet Tribute

The Atom 1960’s Filmation Intro

Superhero Origins: Ant Man


1.11) The white glasses enable the wearer to turn themselves or anything they look into a phantom temporarily.

1.12) The yellow glasses enable the wearer to cause whoever they look at to feel overwhelming fear.

Scarecrow Batman the Animated Series

Scarecrow FieldThe Evolution of Batman Villains: Scarecrow


You can keep the glasses you picked or trade your glasses with another student.

However, the glasses are alive and may resent your rejection of them!

2.0) Discussion Questions

2.1) Which glasses did you pick or trade for and why?

2.2) How could you use your power as a weapon?

2.3) How could you use your power to make money legally? 

2.4) Which power would be the best as a weapon?

2.5) Which power would be the best for making money?

2.6) What would you do with your new super power?

2.7) What superpowers do the following superheroes have?

2.71) Batman 2.78) X-Men, Professor Xavier
2.72) Superman 2.79) X-Men, Wolverine
2.73 )Spider-Man 2.710) X-Men, Storm
2.74) Fantastic Four, Reed Richards, Mister Fantastic 2.711) X-Men, Magneto
2.75) Fantastic Four, Human Torch 2.712) X-Men, Rogue
2.76) Fantastic Four, Invisible Woman 2.713) X-Men, Iceman
2.77) Fantastic Four, The Thing 2.714) X-Men, Pyro

2.8) What superpower would you pick if you could pick any superpower and why?

2.9) In the 23rd Century the Insect Men use giant insects to do work machines now do.

2.10) Do you think this is a good idea?

2.11) Can you identify the “insects” in the pictures below?

2.12) What giant insects would you use for what jobs?  Pick your insect transportation.

Insect Rider Collage Resized, Spider Rider, Bee Rider, Beetle Rider, Caterpillar Rider, Dragonfly Rider, Grasshopper Rider, Ant Rider, Lady Bug Rider, Scorpion Rider




Human Butterfly

2.14) The sword of the Insect Men is made from the mandible of a giant ant!  Are you worthy of a sword of the Insect Men?

Ant Mandible

2.15) Why do you think Spider-Man is so popular even though spiders are not popular?

2.16) What are some other animal themed superheroes?

3.0) The student will create a superhero.

3.1) What is the name of your superhero?

3.2) What powers does your superhero have?

3.3) How did your superhero get his or her powers?

3.4) What friends does your superhero have?

3.5) What enemies does your superhero have?

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