Fox ESL Lesson

1Hugh Fox in Leicester Footbal Club Mask

1.0) Fennec fox babies take a bubble bath

1.1) Where are Fennec foxes from?

1.2) Why do you think Fennec foxes have such big ears?

1.3) Did the Fennec foxes enjoy the bubble bath?

1.4) Can you think of a better way to clean the Fennec foxes?

2.0) Fennec fox babies

2.1) What is the big difference between a Fennec adult and a Fennec baby?

2.2) What sort of relationship do the foxes and the Sprite the dog have?

2.3) Who raised Sprite the dog?

3.0) Kitten sneaking up on fennec fox

3.1) Fennec foxes have large ears that enable them to hear very well.  How was the kitten able to sneak up on the Fennec fox?

4.0) Scout The Fennec Fox Extremely Excited

4.1) Why is Scout so excited?

4.2) Do you think Scout likes the big black dog or not?  Why or why not?

5.0) Early morning madness with Scout the Fennec Fox

5.1) Do you think a Fennec fox would be a good pet?  Why or why not?

6.0) Foxes Jumping on my Trampoline

6.1) Do you think a dog or cat would jump on a trampoline the same way?  Why or why not?

7.0) Fox licking window

7.1) Why is the fox licking the window?

7.2) What would you do if a fox was licking your window?

8.0) Kitsune – The fox in Japanese myth

8.1) What does kitsune mean in Japanese?

8.2) When do kitsune have weddings?

8.3) Who is Inari in Japanese mythology?

8.4) What is the relationship between Inari and some kitsune?

8.5) What happens to the tails of kitsune as they get older?

8.6) What are some of the powers of a kitsune?

9.0) Hugh Fox and Fox Picture

2Hugh Fox and Hokkaido Fox

9.1) Where do you think this picture was taken?

9.2) What do you think happened?

9.3) Where do you think the fox masks we used came from?

3Hugh Fox Leicester Football Club

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