ESL High Interest Lessons



The students will watch several Aesop’s Fables

The students will write a short fable skit and do the skit.

The students will take photos in animal hats.

Beatles – Yellow Submarine

Insect Men

The students will watch an Insect Man video.

The students will pick an Insect Man power.

The students will break into groups and design their own superhero.

The students will take an Insect Men photos.

Fortune Telling: Palmistry & Tarot

The students will read a palmistry book and read the palms of other students.

The students will read a tarot booklet.

The students will do tarot readings of other students.

Pirate School

The students will learn about the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, pirate weapons and dress, pirate myths, and finally talk like a pirate.

Robot Design Project Serious

After watching Wall-E, the students will design a Robot using a chapter in the Eyewitness Guide for background information: 1) Robots on the move , 2) Robot senses , 3) Artificial intelligence , 4) Robots in industry , 5) Ready-made robots , 4) Robots in the classroom , 5) Playing with robots , 6) Battle of the bots , 8) Sporting robots , 9) Robots in the lab , 10) Robots in medicine , 11) Helping around the home , 12) Going where it’s hard to go , 13) Flying and driving , 14) Underwater robots , 15) Robots in space , 16) Robots and art, 17) Musical robots, 18) Animatronics , 19) Machines with feelings , 20) Teams and swarms, 21) Cyborgs , 22) Humanoids  and 23) Into the future.

Robot Design Project Funny

The students will break into seven groups and design the following seven types of robots:

1) Robotic Alien Handler- The robot will help humans deal with aliens that visit Earth.

2) Robotic Big Monster Fighter- The robot will be designed to fight a Godzilla type monster.

3) Robotic Police Officer- The robot will help police officers fight crime.

4) Robotic Dog Catcher – The robot will catch dogs and cats.

5) Robotic Fire Fighter – The robot will help fire fighters put out fires.

6) Robotic Vampire Killer – The robot will kill vampires.

7) Robotic Zombie Killer – The robot will kill zombies.

Robot Dance

The students as a class will create a YouTube dance video using the robot masks.  The students will learn the following moves:

Dime Stops

Robot Arm Movement

Robot Hip Movement

Robot Stance

Crazy Robot Move

Advanced Robot Moves



The students will watch an episode of The Walking Dead TV show.

Workbook that incorporates many of the above lessons into a single text can be downloaded at:


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