ESL: Connect with English Discussion Questions



1.1 Describe Rebecca.

1.2 What is Rebecca’s dream?

1.3 What is your dream?

1.4 Describe Matt.

1.5 What does Matt think about Rebecca’s dream?


2.1 Compare Sandy and Rebecca.

2.2 Describe Kevin.

2.3 What would your parents say if you wanted to be a musician?

2.4 Do you think Rebecca is beautiful?  Why or why not?

2.5 Who do you think is the most beautiful woman in the world?  Why or why not?


3.1 What does Dr. Sanji tell Mr. Casey?

3.2 Describe what happens at the volley ball game.

3.3 Describe Jack.

3.4 What is the secret to good health?

3.5 What do you think about Chinese medicine?


4.1 Describe Kevin’s Graduation

4.2 What was your graduation like?

4.2 Why doesn’t Mr. Casey want Rebecca to go to school in San Francisco?

4.3 What did you like and/or dislike about high school?

4.4 What do you like and/or dislike about college?

4.5 What is your favorite subject and why?


5.1Nancy Shaw is Rebecca’s godmother. What is a godmother?

5.2 Why does Sandy want to live with Jack? Is this a good idea?

5.3 Explain the saying “the lesser of two evils”.

5.4 What would you consider to be a constructive approach to conflict?

5.5 What would you consider to be a destructive approach to conflict?


6.1 Why is Mr. Casey buying a car for Rebecca?

6.2 Who does Rebecca say goodbye to?

6.3 Matt and Rebecca break up, are there any rules to breaking up?

6.4 Why do people break up?

6.5 What sort of gift would you like when you graduate and why?

LEAVING HOME – Episode 7

7.1 Describe Boston.

7.2 Is driving to San Francisco a good idea?  Why or why not?

7.3 What would you take in the car for your trip to San Francisco?

7.4 What happens at the graveyard?

7.5 What is lucky and unlucky in Chinese culture?

THE STRANGER – Episode 8

8.1 Has a stranger ever helped and if so how?

8.2 Describe Alberto?

8.3 What should Rebecca have done when her car broke down?

8.4 If you had to walk in the wilderness what would you bring with you from your car?

8.5 Do you driving across the country is a good idea for a woman? Why or why not?

THE MOTEL—Episode 9

9.1 What happens at the motel?

9.2 What do you look for in a motel?

9.3 What is the difference between a motel and a hotel?

9.4 What does the phrase “it’s a free country” mean to you?

9.5 Alberto seems to be a gentleman in this episode.  What do you think defines a gentleman?


10.1 Explain the title: Negotiation

10.2 What happens at Joe’s auto repair?

10.3 What happens at the Desert Center Café?

10.4 What does Alberto buy at the café gift center and why?

10.5 Describe a dream catcher.


11.1 Explain the title: Photos and Farewells.

11.2 What did Alberto and Rebecca talk about on the way to the bus station?

11.3 What happened in the desert oasis?

11.4 Describe how the policeman handles Alberto’s speeding.

11.5 What problems did Rebecca have at the bus station?

A NEW HOME – Episode 12

12.1 Explain the title: A New Home.

12.2 Describe what happened when Nancy picks up Rebecca.

12.3 What are the “house rules” in Nancy’s house?

12.4 Describe Melaku.

12.5 Describe Angela.

JOB HUNTING – Episode 13

13.1 Explain “culture shock”.

13.2 What is Ethiopian food like?

13.3 Describe Uncle Edward.

13.4 Why does Nancy cry at the end of the evening?

13.5 Describe Rebecca’s job interview at the college.

A BAD DAY – Episode 14

14.1 Explain the title: A Bad Day.

14.2 What happens at the computer firm?

14.3 What happens at the factory?

14.4 Are the duties of a father and mother different or the same?  Explain?

14.5 Are men and women better at certain jobs?  Explain?

A NIGHT OUT – Episode 15

15.1 Describe San Francisco.

15.2 Describe the restaurant that belongs to Alberto’s family.

15.3 Describe Alberto’s parents.

15.4 Describe Alberto’s brother.

15.5 What is your favorite type of food?  Why?


16.1 What was Rebecca’s first day of class like?

16.2 Describe Bill.

16.3 Describe Emma Washington.

16.4 Describe Alex Mendoza.

16.5 Describe Vincent Wang.


17.1 Explain the title “Casey at the Bat”.

17.2 Alberto gives Rebecca flowers.  Is this appropriate?  Why or Why not?

17.3 What is your favorite sport? Why?

17.4 Who is your favorite professional athlete?  Why?

17.5 Name and describe at least five extreme sports.

THE ART GALLERY – Episode 18

18.1 What does Ramon tell his son when the son asks about Ramon’s divorce?

18.2 What information does the letter from Ramon’s ex-wife contain?

18.3 Describe what happens at the art gallery.

18.4 Describe what happens at the Mendoza family meeting about selling the restaurant.

18.5 Name and describe at least five types of modern art.

The Picnic – Episode 19

19.1 What happens at the picnic?

19.2 What does Ramon tell Rebecca about his divorce?

19.3 What happens in the woods to Alexander and Vincent?

19.4 Why did the children laugh?

19.5 How is a picnic in Taiwan the same or different than a picnic in the US?

Prejudice — Episode 20

20.1 What is a hate crime?

20.2 What did Officer Jones tell the children?

20.3 What is the difference between ethnicity and race?

20.4 What are some of the ethnic and racial groups of the US?

20.5 What are some of the ethnic and racial groups of Taiwan?

A Difficult Decision – Episode 21

21.1 How do you go about making a difficult decision?

21.2 What was the most difficult decision you ever made and how did you make the decision?

21.3 Do you think learning to play an instrument is a good idea and why or why not?

21.4 Did Mr. Wang make the right decision about removing Vincent from the program?  Why or why not?

21.5 What is the scariest ghost movie you have ever seen?  Why was it so scary?

Guitar Lessons – Episode 22

22.2 Would you marry someone who was divorced and had a child?  Why or why not?

22.3 How do you think divorce affects children?

22.4 Is it better to be single or married?

22.5 What do you think about the show Sex & the City?

The Retirement Party – Episode 23

23.1 Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

23.2 What sort of things do you tell your mom as opposed to your dad?

23.3 What will you do when you retire?

23.4 What do you think is the best age?  Explain your answer.

23.5 How do people change psychologically and physically as they get older?

The Phone Call – Episode 24

24.1 Describe the retirement party.

24.2 Describe the phone call.

24.3 What do you think is the best way to give someone bad news?

24.4 Should Rebecca go to Boston immediately?  Why or why not?

24.5 What are some good things and bad things about cell phones?

Review – Episode 25

25.1 Describe some of the big trips of your life.

25.2 What was Rebecca thinking on the plane?

25.3 Why is Rebecca angry with her brother?

25.4 In America, single men don’t live as long as married men but single women live longer than married women.  Why do you think this is true?

25.5 What are some good tricks for memorizing information?

The Emergency — Episode 26

26.1 What happened to Rebecca’s father?

26.2 What would you do if someone had at a heart attack at your home?

26.3 What did the doctor tell Rebecca?

26.4 Why was Rebecca angry with Kevin?

26.5 Describe Kevin.

Bad News – Episode 27

27.1 How should family feuds be handled?

27.2 What sort of family feuds are common in Taiwan?

27.3 Describe Sandy.

27.4 What do you think about marriage counseling?

27.5 Why do people stay in abusive relationships?

Brothers – Episode 28

28.1 What do you think Patrick and Brendan’s fight was about?

28.2 What do you think about family secrets?

28.3 What are some common family secrets in Taiwan

28.4 What obligations do siblings have to each other?

28.5 What happens at the funeral?

Grief – Episode 29

29.1 Describe the “wake”.

29.2 Describe a Chinese funeral.

29.3 Compare and contrast a Western and Chinese funeral.

29.4 How should a person handle the death of parent?

29.5 What do you think happens after you die?

Life Goes On – Episode 30

30.1 Rebecca and Kevin are very sad about their father.  What advice would you give them?

30.2 How should Rebecca handle Kevin?

30.3 What should they do with their father’s stuff?

30.4 Describe your sun sign.

30.5 What are some differences between Western and Chinese Astrology?

A Box of Memories Episode 31

31.1 What did Rebecca find in the safety deposit box?

31.2 What should Rebecca and Kevin do with the $50,000 and why?

31.3 What groups have immigrated to the US?

31.4 Why do you think people immigrate to another country?

31.5 Why do you think so many people immigrate to the US?

The Missing Car – Episode 32

32.1 What makes a person an adult?

32.2 Why did Kevin take the car?

32.3 Should Kevin and Rebecca go to the farm?  Why or why not?

32.4 Do you think teenagers do crazy things?  Why or why not?

32.5 What is the craziest thing you ever did as a teenager?

Breakdown – Episode 33

33.1 Explain the title: A Breakdown.

33.2 Explain the conversation between Kevin and his ex-girlfriend.

33.3 What do Rebecca and Kevin talk about in the playground?

33.4 What do you think causes people to have a breakdown?

33.5 What would you do if a friend of yours had a breakdown?

A Call for Help – Episode 34

34.1 Explain the title: A Call for Help.

34.2 Describe what happened between Jack and Sandy.

34.3 Why do people take drugs?

34.4 What sort of drugs do Taiwanese take?

34.5 What sort of problems do drugs do?

Changes – Episode 35

35.1 Describe the title: Changes.

35.2 What does Sandy plan to do now that she has left Jack?

35.3 How should alcoholism be handled?

35.4 What do you think is the biggest crime problem in Taiwan?

35.5 What do you think the government should do about crime?

The Farm – Episode 36

36.1 Describe the title: The Farm.

36.2 Describe the farm.

36.3 What does Kevin propose to Rebecca?

36.4 Compare the city with the country.

36.5 What are the most popular comic books in Taiwan?

Thanksgiving – Episode 37

37.1 Describe the history of Thanksgiving.

37.2 Describe the foods served at Thanksgiving.

37.3 Describe the spirit of Thanksgiving

37.4 Describe the first Thanksgiving.

37.5 Describe the Puritans.

Starting Over – Episode 38

38.1 Explain the title “Starting Over”.

38.2 What happened between Nancy and Rebecca’s father years ago?

38.3 What is the American Dream?

38.4 What is the Taiwanese dream?

38.5 Can you start over in Taiwan?  Why or why not?

The Pressure’s On – Episode 39

39.1 Explain the title “The Pressure’s On”.

39.2 What do Rebecca and Professor Thomas discuss and did Rebecca make the right decision?

39.3 Alberto insists that Rebecca go to the opera.  Is he being a good friend or being selfish?

39.4 Rebecca now has to make a decision about what is important in her life. What does Rebecca decide?

39.5 What is an appropriate period of mourning?  Why?

Sharing Feelings – Episode 40

40.1 Explain the title “Sharing Feelings”.

40.2 Describe Bill’s dilemma.

40.3 What do Alberto and Ramon talk about at the family restaurant?

40.4 What is Alberto’s life goal?

40.5 What is Ramon’s life goal?

Unexpected Offers – Episode 41

41.1 Explain the title “Unexpected Offers”.

41.2 What does Mr. Wang discuss with Mrs. Wang?

41.3 What do Ramon and Rebecca talk about?

41.4 Should Rebecca choose Ramon or Alberto?

41.5 What are the five most important qualities in a boyfriend or girlfriend?

The Audition – Episode 42

42.1 Describe Rebecca’s audition.

42.2 Rebecca tells Nancy that her studies are more important than dating, do you agree or disagree?  Why or why not?

42.3 What is your idea of a dream job?

42.4 What type of music do you like?  Describe the music.

42.5 Name and describe five types of music?

Dream Catcher – Episode 43

43.1 What do Nancy and Rebecca talk about in the kitchen?

43.2 Do you agree more with Rebecca or Bill about life?

43.3 How should Rebecca resolve the Mendoza brother problem?

43.4 What sort of dreams do you have?

43.5 What are the three theories about the cause of dreams?

Gifts – Episode 44

44.1 Compare Chinese New Year and Christmas.

44.2 What do you like and dislike about holidays?

44.3 Why did Alberto break up with Rebecca?

44.4 Why is charity a big part of Christmas?

44.5 What do you think about charity?

True Love – Episode 45

45.1 How do you pick a present for someone?

45.2 Describe the customs of the Western New Year.

45.3 What Peruvian gift did Ramon give Rebecca? Describe the gift in detail.

45.4 What is the consumer theory of life?

45.5 What is the sociobiology theory of love?

Friendship – Episode 46

46.1 Is it a good idea for Bill to quit school?  Why or why not?

46.2 What is more important for success: Whom you know or what you know?

46.3 Describe what makes a good friend.

46.4 Can men and women be friends?  Why or why not?

46.5 What is the basis of friendship?  Friendship is _____?

Lost Boys – Episode 47

47.1 If you were Alex or Vincent, what would your parents do?

47.2 What was the worst thing you ever did as a child?

47.3 Do you think Taiwanese children are well behaved?

47.4 Do you want children?  Why or why not?

47.5 How should children be disciplined?

A Very Good New Year – Episode 48

48.1 What parts of your life are most important to you?

48.2 What is your favorite Internet activity?

48.3 What is your favorite website?

48.4 Would you agree to have a wireless Internet connection to your brain?  Why or why not?

48.5 What are some common activities students do on the internet?

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