Flip chart Dos and Don’ts

How To Add Some Flip Chart Magic To Your Presentation

“Flip Charts” – Media Services Equipment Training

1) Do ask people to repeat and clarify as needed.

2) Do focus on key words and phrases.

3) Do leave a blank sheet between each page so information will not peek through.

4) Do lightly write your text in pencil first then trace using the actual flip chart markers.

5) Do make sure flip chart stands have clamps at the top that will hold most types of flip chart pads.

6) Do make sure the flip charts you use will fit the flip chart stand you will be using.

7) Do number each sheet.

8) Do print in clear, legible letters.

9) Do properly store and transport your flip charts in a case or the cardboard box that they come in.

10) Do use bold colors – blue, green, black – for writing

11) Do use clear tape or post-it tabs to mark pages you might want to refer to

12) Do use different colors to highlight and separate points; use no more than three

13) Do use flip chart markers and not regular magic markers. Flip chart markers will not “bleed”.

14) Do use letters one inch in height for each 15 feet the audience is away from the stage.

15) Do use red and orange for emphasis; avoid yellow.

16) Do use symbols – arrows, circles, asterisks, underlines – to link points and show relationships

17) Do use the 6 X 6 Rule – six words per line, 6 lines per page.

18) Do use white out for minor mistakes.

19) Don’t use all block letters (UPPER CASE). Using upper and lower case letters increases readability.

20) Don’t use sentences.

21) Don’t use the colors yellow, pink, or orange. These colors are extremely difficult for the audience to see.

22) Don’t use too many colors.

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