Describe a Diagram

How to Describe a Diagram

Diagram Graphics

The students will describe the graphic assigned to that student to the other students.



How can you make a diagram?

There are countless ways to make a diagram but by far the easiest way is to use SmartArt which is built into Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Microsoft SmartArt Graphic Options

SmartArt is easily inserted into a Word or PowerPoint document but if you want to post a diagram online then you need to convert the SmartArt document into a graphic file format.  A very easy way to convert your Word document into a jpeg is to first save your Word document as a pdf file and then convert the file at an online site such as:


You can then edit the jpeg with any graphic software but I highly recommend Paint.NET.  Pain.NET can be downloaded for free and is easy to use but of course does not have the power of a commercial product like PhotoShop.

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