Numerical Communication


This collection of online lessons is meant to help English as a second language (ESL) students learn how to present numerical/logical information in the form of graphics.  The first part of the lesson is meant to be presented by the teacher as a lecture.  After the lecture, there are a series of graphics and groups of students or individual students can then present the information to the other students.  The graphics are online and the link to the lecture and graphics is provided with the lesson.  There is an assumption that the teacher has access to a computer connected to the internet and can project the graphic assigned to the students to a screen.   There is a workbook designed to go with the online lessons available for download at Scribd for free.



Approximation Graphics

Describe a Bar Chart

Describe a Diagram

Describe a Flowchart

Describe a Line Graph

Describe a Love Chart

Describe a Pie Chart

Describe a Scatter Plot

Describe a Table of Percentages

Describe a Trend

Describe a Venn Diagram

Describe an Organizational Chart

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