Photo Albums



Anphawa 2010





Ban Nong Yai Thai School Visit 2014

Bangkok July 2013

Bangkok New Year 2013



Burapha ASEAN Day 2012

Burapha Bye-Noir 2012

Burapha Christmas Party 2012

Burapha Halloween 2012

Burapha Indonesian Ambassador 2012

Burapha International College Bye Noir Party 2011

Burapha Songkran 2014




Chihuahua Fun


Chinese Chu Xiong 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

College Station

Confucius in Thailand 2012

Corpus Christi

Cowboy School at Academic English I

Cross Cultural Management 2013

Dream World Bangkok

East Lansing

Education Lunch

Eye of Providence Collage


Family Fox

Family Ungaro


Fox at Lamthong Mall

Foxey Students 2013

Freshmen Dinner Fall 2013


Fu Manchu Portrait

Funny Wow

Grand Canyon


Hello Kitty Mandala

Hobbies Fox Collection

Hobbies Martial Arts

Hobbies Miniatures

Hobbies Paintings

Hobbies Tinhouses

Hong Kong


Hugh Fox Jr

Hugh Fox Personal Portraits


Insect Men of the 32nd Century

Intensive English 2011

Intensive English 2012

Intensive English 2013

International Club Pizza Party

International Day 2010

Iron Man English Corner

Japan Centair

Japan Fukuoka

Japan Funhouse

Japan Hokkaido

Japan Nagoya

Japan Tokyo Disney

Japan Tokyo Fox

Japan Tokyo January 2010

Kings Birthday Thailand 2010

Korea 2012

Korea Daejeon

Korea DMZ

Korea Food

Korea Itawhon

Korea Lotte World

Korea Seoul Traditional

Korea Stay Korea

Korea Suwon

Korea War Museum

Korean Goodbye Party 2012

Koreans at Burapha

Koreans at Burapha

Kumuntinee Wedding

Laos 4K Islands

Laos VangVieng

Laos Vientiane 1

Laos Vientiane 2





Mexican Culture 2013



Mom Photo Effect

Mom Photo Effect

Munchen Bangsean

New Apartment Thailand August 2012

New Mexico

New Mexico

New Orleans

New Orleans

New Years Eve 2014 Bangkok

Open House Spring 2013

Orange Fox Lamthong October 2013

Panda Dog

Pattaya 2010

Pattaya 2010

Pattaya Motorshow 2013

Philippines Cebu

Philippines Santa

Photo Effect

Photo Effect Anymaking

Photo Effect Befunky

Photo Effect Dumpr

Photo Effect Fototrick

Photo Effect Funphotobox

Photo Effect Funphotobox

Photo Effect PhotoFaceFun

Photo Effects Collage

Photo Effects Funny Wow

Photo Effects Funphotobox

Photo Effects JPEGFun

Photo Effects Loonapix

Photo Effects Lunapic

Photo Effects Photo 505

Photo Effects Photofunia

Photo Effects Photofunny

Photo Effects Phxir

Photo Effects Rollip

Photo Effects Tuxpi

Photo Effects Wishafriendcom

Pirates of the Caribbean

Saint Patricks Day Thailand 2011

San Antonio

Santa at Art in Paradise

Santa at Burapha 2011

Santa at Burapha College 2013

Santa at Burapha University

Santa at Christmas Party in Thailand

Santa at Teddy Island Pattaya 2013

Santa in Bangkok 2011

Santa in China

Santa in South Korea

Santa USA


Sixties Counterculture 2013

Spanish Belle Epoque

Sports Day Burapha 2013

Sriracha Tiger Zoo 2013

St Patricks Day 2011

Taiwan CCU

Taiwan Halloween

Taiwan Hawaiian Shirt

Taiwan Hualien

Taiwan Keelung

Taiwan Santa


Teddy Bear

Thai Alien Exercise

Thai Alien Masks

Thai Convention Center

Thai Teacher Day 2010

Thailand Androids

Thailand Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Thailand Bangkok

Thailand Bye Noir

Thailand Cats

Thailand Chiang Mai

Thailand Chinese Banquet

Thailand Dancers

Thailand Halloween 2010

Thailand Hua Hin

Thailand Lunch

Thailand Pattaya

Thailand Phuket

Thailand Samphram

Thailand Sonkran

Top Hat Chihuahua

Toy Bearbrick

Toy Designer Toys

Toy Dunny

United Kingdom

United Kingdom


Vietnam Hanoi

Vietnam Saigon

Vikings 2013

Washington DC


Werefox at Hong Kong Disneyland

Werefox at Khao Kaew Zoo

Werefox in Bangkok

Werefox in Bangkok 2012

Werefox Meets Red Shirts


Zombies in Lamthong

Zombies in March

WereVerse Universe Baby!

2 responses to “Photo Albums

  1. Katharine in Brussels

    Yo! So many links… you big traveller, you 🙂

  2. Actually I haven’t visited that many countries but I have lived in a lot of countries compared to most. I have lived in Venezuela, Argentina, Taiwan, China, Korea and of course the US. Not that many people have lived in six countries. Japan will make the seventh country.

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