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This blog started on 3/31/2008 and is now several years old and has evolved as I have.  The blog started as an attempt to communicate my feelings and ideas to the world.  Writing reveals you to the world and reveals you to yourself.  Over time I have realized that almost everything I write is either a lesson or an article about some aspect of pop culture.  Because of this, over the years the blog started to take on a more formal structure.

Pages are static and listed by date.  Posts are listed in reverse chronological order.  More or less lessons I have developed are on my blog pages since lessons tend to come in large sets and pages are easier to arrange in groups by topic than posts.  More or less articles that deal with pop culture per se and not pop culture as part of my lessons have ended up in the post section of my blog because such articles are often related to current trends in pop culture.  This system evolved and many items on my blog do not follow this pattern.  I tend to spend more time creating new content than trying to republish items on my blog which is a lot of work.  Also, I am waiting for WordPress to come up with a simple way to convert pages into posts and vice versa in one of their upgrades as has been mentioned in forums before.

I have been teaching at an international college for several years and have taught all sorts of classes.  The classes were in English but the vast majority of the students were Asian so I had to adapt my teaching style dramatically even when teaching content and not English per se.  I have found that hypermedia is extremely effective as a teaching tool in EFL settings.


Hypertext in particular means less time spent on the board, losing the attention of your class and more time teaching.  You will have classes with different levels of English and having tons of hyperlinks means you can easily adjust the difficulty level of your lesson.  The following are some of my collections of lessons in alphabetical order:

Communication Lessons

Effective Presentation

ESL High Interest Lessons – The best example of how I combine my interest in ESL and my interest in pop culture in one area.

Five W’s Lessons

History Lessons

Literary Analysis

Movie Lessons Plans

Multicultural Lessons

Numerical Communication


Spanish Lessons

Technology Lessons

TV Series Lesson Plans

Visual Communication

Vocabulary Tables

Who Am I Game Cards

Some of the most popular pop culture articles on my blog listed by popularity are:

Hello Kitty & Snoopy

Star Trek vs. Warhammer 40K

Star Trek vs. Star Wars

Chinchilla Birthday Party!

DC vs. Marvel: Big Monsters

DC vs. Marvel: Sidekicks

Futuristic Melee Weapons: Science Fiction Survey

Doctor Who Timelines

DC vs. Marvel: Fourth Wall Heroes

Guinea Pig Birthday Party

DC vs. Marvel Western Heroes

Numerology Wars: 22 vs. 23

DC vs. Marvel: Battle of the Super Pets

Kyle XY vs. Clark of Smallville

DC Superheroes versus Marvel Superheroes Chess Set Proposal

Hello Kitty vs. Godzilla

DC vs. Marvel Kids

Hugh Fox vs. Hugh Fox

Hello Kitty vs. Star Wars

Batman Timelines

Science Fiction Dictionary

Hello Kitty Mandala – Dessert

WereVerse Universe Baby!

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