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While the symbolism of my banner has remained constant, the artistic expression has changed as my own computer graphic skill has evolved.  The six cubes represent the six stages of evolution described in my postmodern, science fiction novel Half Square.  The six cubes include the (1) cat’s paw cube, (2) the atomic cube, (3) the omega cube, (4) the peace cube, (5) the number 22 cube, and (6) the eye of providence cube.


1) The cat’s paw cube represents Darwinian evolution that governed human kind for thousands and thousands of years.  A cat’s paw is a person used by another as a dupe or tool.  Humans are not in control of their destinies but governed by their biology until they discover fire and a new type of evolution begins that supplants biological evolution.


2) The atomic cube represents technological evolution.  Technological evolution culminates in the discovery of atomic energy, the ultimate fire.  Humans have the power of gods without the wisdom of gods.  The radiation sign is a type of hazard sign. A tripolar world order can be created or the emerging bipolar world order will lead to the destruction of the human race.


3) The omega cube represents the ultimate choice that we now face: annihilation or enlightenment.  Enlightenment will happen if we choose the path of AI/IA and genetic engineering and take control of our own evolution in a transhuman manner.  Omega is the last letter in the alphabet and symbolizes the end.  Humans will end one way or another.  Human will destroy themselves or humans will evolve into transhumans.


4) The peace cube represents a long period of peace during which our progeny will evolve into the ultimate transthumans.  The peace symbol was originally created for the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War.  The transhumans will create a paradise on Earth and this may be the end of their evolution.  If necessity is the mother of invention then invention may stop at a certain point since all needs will be met or they may seek the fundamental answers to all of existence and go on to the next stage of evolution.


5) The number 22 cube represents a philosophical theory of everything that the transhumans may ultimately create if they want to go beyond paradise on Earth and achieve universal enlightenment.  The number 22 is a very important number in numerology.


6) The eye of providence cube represents the ultimate union between the progeny of the transhumans and God.  The Eye of Providence is a very ancient symbol of God.  The eye represents an evolved body and the triangle an evolved mind.  The transhumans will be no more when this happens just as the humans have long ago passed away before this event.  The evolved beings can more or less be conceived as angels that help God make sure the next Big Bang universe has a God and therefore life.

There were billions of Pre-God universes before ours that had no God and therefore no life.  Randomly, a universe appeared with God that then created the conditions for God and life to exist again.  This is the purpose of dark matter.  Dark matter is the circulatory system of God that also allows God to manipulate the next Big Bang and make sure God exists again!

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WereVerse Universe Baby!

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7 responses to “About Banner

  1. Posthumans will be the genetically engineered children of the super-rich. Engineered to breath carbon dioxide, with silicon-reinforced skin and heat exchange fins, so as to be able to live on the Venus-like planet we are rapidly creating.
    Unless we are very lucky … If we are very lucky, a pandemic will break out and wipe out 99.9% of all humans, allowing the planet to regenerate.

    • Too late, mate. The pnlanet wouldn’t be able to regenerate. If humans (or at least, all except the few rainforest dwellers and unadapted tribal peoples) were wiped out now, we’d leave all our toxic power stations, sythetics, weapons – chemical, biological, nuclear, etc – and every kind of poison and there’d be no-one to even try to control or contain it, so the world would die in slow agony because of us.
      What happened was that eveolution turned cancerous – it was all going fine, until homo sapiens sapiens evolved. We are the cancerous cells of evolution. The very fact that we’re using computers to corrspond is almost certainly doing more harm than good. Every morsel of plastic, every squirt of insecticide, every electrical household appliance, nearly everything we do is killing life and now all we can do is grieve – although we’re the murderers.

      • Unfortunately you are probably right! Apocalypse seems to be out running the transhuman. I think ecological collapse will happen sooner than we realize.

  2. Good to hear from you Evil C. & too all the readers the above is basically my version of sci fi not to be taken too seriously.

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  4. I truly like your blog! I linked one of your picture about (character traits) to my article on doksi.net. Keep up the great work, and thank you for your illustration

    Thomas Fabian, Doksi.net

  5. I really dig your whole trip Hugh. I want to spend a day or so playing my ukulele and picking your brain apart !! Have a lovely evening

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