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Yellow Werefox at Auto Show

The Yellow Werefox has mind control powers and uses them to good effect at an auto show. Am I Kitsune? WereVerse Universe Baby! Google Drive Link: WereVerse Universe  

Cosmic Super-Duper Werefox Team

Document on Google drive. Document Photo Gallery Am I Kitsune? on my Google Drive. WereVerse Universe Baby!

Werefox Power Spectrum

The Green Lantern has his emotional spectrum.  The Orange Werefox has his power spectrum via dimensional transport.  During a full moon, the Orange Werefox can dance and transport werefoxes from Earth’s in other dimensions in the multiverse to our universe. … Continue reading

WereVerse Crests

Black Werefox Crest Blue Werefox Crest Brown Werefox Cyborg Vixen Green Vixen Green Werefox Grey Werefox Orange Werefox Pink Werefox Purple Werefox Rainbow Werefox Red Werefox Sapphire Vixen USA Vixen White Werefox Yellow Werefox WereVerse Universe Baby! Google Drive Link: … Continue reading

Zonal Microbes

Below is my version of the six stones of Nüwa! The are six types of X factors that could account for 500 superpowers LOGICALLY! I have noticed that the universe is very logical. Rationalism is tricky but when you don’t … Continue reading

Dr. Fox Discusses Gender Orientation in the WereVerse

Gender Orientation – Gender is a phenomenon that pervades the WereVerse. The gender of the Creator is unknowable. The gender of the abstract ontologicals is unknown. The WereForce is male. The VixenForce is female. The Zone Gods are male or … Continue reading

Reynard the Hippie

Reynard the Hippie is the older brother of Dr. Fox.  Reynard was a beatnik poet in Haight-Ashbury in the sixties.  Reynard has drunk the immortality serum created by his great, great, great, great grandfather, Vulpe the Fortuneteller.  Dr. Fox refuses … Continue reading