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Will the roses/lotus flowers come to Siem Reap? A new synthesis of sense and flesh!

I like how this rose moves and smiles and is aware very aware! Evolved quite possibly. A good mother for sure and well a fertile womb. Sorry I think logically like a human should! Oh so the Filipina rose grows … Continue reading

A Great Synthesis of Learning! Dedicated to the Beautiful Gals of Angeles City!

First Song but joyful song! Dedicated to Analiza! Dance! Song!  Sing Sing Sing and let your hearts fill with joy! Scary movies!  Dedicated to Chris Science Fiction dedicated to the Cousins! Dedicated to Romela Dedicated to Rose! Dedicated to Sharia! … Continue reading

A Synthesis of Views of the Human Condition!

WARNING! POWERFUL KNOWLEDGE! NOT FOR THE MONKEYS ONLY THE EVOLVED! and CLEAN! Clean your room clean your brain clean your heart clean your brain do not drink do  not  traffic  intoxicants well sex  how  can  we  survive and thrive  without … Continue reading

1.22 Bureau of Intelligence Synthesis

1.22 Bureau of Intelligence Synthesis     Dr. Delta: Virulence level is unknown and the meme may be beneficial. The infection level is high (3.8). The host manifests infection by either believing something like this meme exists or expressing support for the … Continue reading

The Last Sermon of the Fox in Writing!

Gather around sisters and brothers and children for I have a story to tell! I will die before the voyage across the Sea of Fire! First this is the final part of a trilogy!  The first book was Half Square … Continue reading

Cambodian Domes as Sanctuary for the Rich and Powerful!

Cambodians do not make great domes like the great kingdoms of China, Russia and the USA but specialize in making Geodesic domes that are houses and thus learn how to make a large Geodesic dome from small to big.  The … Continue reading

The Three Poison of Buddhism is Named Original Sin in Christianity

Three Poisons! Original Sin Greeting my Students in Thailand that knew me at Burapha International College that had me as teacher before I was reborn!  I have a new lesson! ORIGINAL SIN  OF CHRISTIANITY IS THE THREE SINS IN BUDDHISM! … Continue reading

Am I Kitsune?

A  good  description  of  the  hardware evolution  we  as  a species  are  going  through.  The  evolution  we  are going  through  is  more  software  that  hardware.  I describe  the  software  side  at  Interfaith  Prayer.   Slowly Kitsune began to realize that … Continue reading

11) War Comics plus Speculative Fiction

Many war comics have speculative fiction elements. Sometimes speculative fiction comics have war comic elements. Both these types of comic books are examined in this article. Speculative fiction includes the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror, alternative history, magic realism, … Continue reading

36 Stratagems for the Dragon and perhaps the Wild Ox NOW!

The latest and most powerful sutra of the Mind Fox now!  What is a stratagem described in the new language of speculative fiction is here and worth study!  We define stratagem and learn a type of new speak! The 36 … Continue reading