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06.2) War Comics set in WW II-Modern Age

The Modern Age of Comic Books is more or less from the 1980s to the present. The quantity of comics set in WW II in the Modern Age is less than the Silver Age of Comics. However, the quality of … Continue reading

11) War Comics plus Speculative Fiction

Many war comics have speculative fiction elements. Sometimes speculative fiction comics have war comic elements. Both these types of comic books are examined in this article. Speculative fiction includes the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror, alternative history, magic realism, … Continue reading

10) War Comics set in the Iraq War

There are only six war comics set in the Iraq War including Combat Zone: True Tales of G.I.s in Iraq (Marvel), Pride of Baghdad (Vertigo), Sheriff of Babylon (Vertigo) and Walking Wounded: Uncut Stories from Iraq (NBM). Combat Zone: True Tales of G.I.s … Continue reading

09) War Comics set in the War in Afghanistan

There are only four war comics set in the War in Afghanistan and they include Army@Love, War is Boring: Bored Stiff, Scared to Death in the World’s Worst War Zones, Dougies War and To Afghanistan and Back: A Graphic Travelogue. … Continue reading

08) War Comics set in the Vietnam War

I would like to go ahead and state my own prejudices at the very start of this article. I did participate in anti-war demonstrations at Michigan State University in my early teens. I have always considered our military involvement in … Continue reading

07) War Comics set in the Korean War

As I surveyed the 41 titles that dealt with the Korean War exclusively I was struck as to how each and every title fit into four categories. There are six titles that introduce a war hero. There are four titles … Continue reading

06.1) War Comics set in WW II-Silver Age

Charlton Comics holds the record for the most WW II titles (18) but all the titles were uniformly, pun intended, bland. The titles include Army Attack, Army War Heroes, Attack, Battlefield Action, D-Day, Fightin’ Air Force, Fightin’ Army, Fightin’ Marines, … Continue reading

05) War Comics set in WW I

The most famous World War I comic book hero is Enemy Ace (DC). Enemy Ace, aka Hans von Hammer, first appeared in Our Army at War # 151 and as a Prussian aristocrat believes in a warrior code i.e. chivalry … Continue reading

03) War Comics set in the American Civil War

Jonah Hex (DC) was an officer in the Confederate Army but his comic book mostly follows his adventures as a bounty hunter. I have to add that Jonah Hex is one of those rare comic book heroes that gets beat … Continue reading

04) War Comics set in the Spanish-American War

There are two comic books about the Spanish-American War but only one is a war comic. Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders (Avon) was published in 1950 and is typical war comic fare. There is no mention of yellow journalism … Continue reading