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Cosplay the Comic Book

Size Lessons in Comic Books

Size is Relative A story with the size lesson tries to teach the reader a lesson related to size in a literal sense. The lesson might be that what is big in one setting is small in another setting. Conversely … Continue reading

60+ Comic Book Catch Phrases

Aquaman – Great Neptune Banshee – Saints preserve us Batman – Criminals are a cowardly, superstitious lot. Batman – To the Bat-pole Robin Beast – Oh my stars and garters Captain America – Avengers Assemble Captain Marvel – Shazam Colossus … Continue reading

Comic Book Merged Humans

While working on my list of superpowers, one of the more interesting superpowers I added, that was not on my previous list of 150 superpowers, was the ability to merge human beings into a single being (power 99). Writing about … Continue reading

American Comic Books versus Japanese Manga

Check out my other website at: Fox Superpower List Document at: You can also download my autobiography of my struggle with a bipolar condition on  Am I Kitsune on my Google Drive. WereVerse Universe Baby! Google Drive Link: WereVerse Universe

List of Comic Book Titles

’68 ’76 ’93 Vampire Bikini Comic Calendar !mpact Christmas Special (After) Life in Gothland +EV (webcomic) Äardwolf 100 Bullets 100 Bullets Preview 100 Bullets Split Second Chance TPB Extras 100 Girls 100% 100% Biodegradable 100% True 1001 Arabian Nights Adventures … Continue reading

The 36 Stratagems as Portrayed in Comic Books

Introduction I first heard of The 36 Stratagems when I was working on a comic book story with Bruce Lee in 1974.  The story was eventually published in The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #14 (see cover above).  Bruce Lee … Continue reading

Comic Book Review: The Stalker

This is a review of the brand new comic book The Stalker.  The writer is Bradley Potts, a newcomer and the seasoned artist, Trevor Von EEden (  Von Eeden has done art for various DC titles including Black Lightning, Batman, … Continue reading

What is the Best Free Online Comic Book Creator for Teachers?

The audience of this article is teachers that might want to integrate a comic book writing session into their language arts class. Captioner – A simple easy to use site that’s adds captions to your graphic files including photos.  I … Continue reading

Online Comic Book Creators

  BitStrips Captioner Chogger   Comic Master Comix   Mai’Nada’s Create Your Own Comic Pikistrips Pixton Strip Generator Super Action Comic Maker SuperLame! ToonDoo ToonLet Witty Comics WereVerse Universe Baby!