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The Droste Effect/Infinity Covers in Comic Books

The Droste effect (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈdrɔstə]), known in art as an example of mise en abyme, is the effect of a picture recursively appearing within itself, in a place where a similar picture would realistically be expected to appear. This produces a loop which mathematically could … Continue reading

Animals discuss religion in Animosity

Animosity – The Dragon V2 – Page 70 The reason animals are engaged in discussions of religion is because the “woke up” and can talk and reason. An interesting premise for an interesting comic book line. The woke moment is … Continue reading

The Department of Truth

The Department of Truth (DOT) is a hard read but worth reading. Ideas shape physical reality more directly in the DOT universe than ours. The US government uses the DOT to shape ideas and therefore political events! Martin Simmod is … Continue reading

Tentacle Kitty Subcultures

Tentacle Kitty is a favorite comic book among self identified “shroomheads” according to the Comic Book Think Tank of Society and Media! From the same think tank, The slang expression green candy mice is a reference to a story within … Continue reading

Iron Man uses Appeal to Humanity to Defeat Enemy

Iron Man #19 is a must-read comic book!  Spoiler alert!  Iron Man in his Tony Stark persona is dying of addiction.  Korvac, a cosmically empowered, bad guy decides its time to end the life of Iron Man once and for … Continue reading

Review of the Graphic Novel Tangier in the Rain

Tangier in the Rain is a metafictional graphic novel published by Europe Comics that combines the real-life visits to Tangiers by Matisse and Delacroix with a pseudo-Arabian night’s tales by the model who Matisse is fascinated by. Spoiler alert!  The … Continue reading

A History of Violence in The Killer – Affairs of the State

A concise history of violence in The Killer – Affairs of the State 04 (of 06) (Archaia). The history in this comic book makes the point that violence has become more controlled, precise and smaller as in assassinations. The KGB … Continue reading

Blue Werefox Discusses Aardvark Mimicry

The Blue Werefox from the WereVerse discusses the superpower known as Aardvark Anatomy! Below is a copy of an article on the topic of as Aardvark Anatomy and a copy of the document the WereVerse Universe. Am I Kitsune? Google … Continue reading

A Great Synthesis of Learning! Dedicated to the Beautiful Gals of Angeles City!

First Song but joyful song! Dedicated to Analiza! Dance! Song!  Sing Sing Sing and let your hearts fill with joy! Scary movies!  Dedicated to Chris Science Fiction dedicated to the Cousins! Dedicated to Romela Dedicated to Rose! Dedicated to Sharia! … Continue reading