Fortune Telling with Playing Cards

Hugh Fox Fortune Telling with Playing Cards


Cups – Water – Clergy

Ace of Hearts – Love and happiness. The home, a love letter, This card is a particularly favorable card that indicates troubles and problems lifting. ‘when the heart is upside down, all is not well.’

King of Hearts – A fair-haired man with a good nature; or a man with Water signs predominating in his chart. Fair, helpful advice, Affectionate, caring man, This man helps you out without much talk. His actions reveal his kindness and concern.

Queen of Hearts – A fair-haired woman with a good nature; or a woman with Water signs predominating in her chart. Kind advice, Affectionate, caring woman, Sometimes, this card can indicate the mother or a mother figure.

Jack of Hearts – A warm-hearted friend. A fair-haired youth; or a young person with Water signs predominating in his or her chart. Often this points to a younger admirer.

10 of Hearts – Good luck, success. This is an important card that suggests good fortune after difficulty.

9 of Hearts – The card of wishes. A wish/dream fulfilled. Look to the card just preceding this one to determine what the questioner desires.

8 of Hearts – An unexpected gift or visit; an invitation to a party.

7 of Hearts – Someone whose interest in you is unreliable; someone with fickle affections for you. This card can indicate lovesickness.

6 of Hearts – A sudden wave of good luck. Someone takes care of you, takes warm interest in you.

5 of Hearts – Jealousy; some ill-will from people around you.

4 of Hearts – Travel, change of home or business.

3 of Hearts – Love and happiness when the entire spread is generally favourable. In a difficult spread, this can indicate emotional problems and an inability to decide who to love.

2 of Hearts – A warm partnership or engagement. This is a very favourable card that indicates strength and support coming from a partner.



Wands – Fire – Peasants

Ace of Clubs – Wealth, prosperity, unexpected money/gain. However, in a difficult spread, this money may disappear almost as quickly as it appears.  If the club is upside down, there is trouble at home (or base).

King of Clubs – Dark-haired, kind-hearted man; or a man with Fire predominating in his chart. A generous and spirited man.

Queen of Clubs – Dark-haired, confident woman; or a woman with Fire predominating in her chart. She may give you good advice.

Jack of Clubs – A dark-haired or fiery youth. Popular youth who is good-hearted and playful. Can also indicate an admirer.

10 of Clubs – Business success. Good luck with money. A trip taken now may result in a new friend or love interest.

9 of Clubs – Achievement; sometimes a wealthy marriage or a sudden windfall.

8 of Clubs – Work/business problems that may have to do with jealousy. This is generally thought to be quite unfavorable.

7 of Clubs – Business success, although there may be problems with the opposite sex. A change in business that may have been expected or earned, such as a promotion.

6 of Clubs – Financial aid or success.

5 of Clubs – New friendships, alliances are made.

4 of Clubs – Beware of dishonesty or deceit; avoid blind acceptance of others at this time.

3 of Clubs – Love and happiness; successful marriage; a favourable long-term proposition. A second chance, particularly in an economical sense.

2 of Clubs – Obstacles to success; malicious gossip.



Sword – Air – Knights

Ace of Spades – Misfortune; sometimes associated with death or, more often, a difficult ending. when the stem is upside down, it represents tragedy of very serious consequences.

King of Spades – Dark-haired man; or a man with Air predominating in his chart. An ambitious man, perhaps self-serving.

Queen of Spades – Widowed or divorced woman; or a woman with Air predominating in her chart.

Jack of Spades – A youth who is hostile or jealous.

10 of Spades – Worry, bad news.

9 of Spades – Illness, accident, bad luck. The querent is at his/her personal low.

8 of Spades – Temptation, misfortune, danger, upsets.

7 of Spades – Advice that is best not taken; loss. There is some obstacle to success, and this indicates that obstacles may be coming from within the querent.

6 of Spades – Small changes and improvements.

5 of Spades – Opposition and obstacles that are temporary; a blessing in disguise, Sometimes indicates a negative or depressed person.

4 of Spades – Small worries, problems. Financial difficulties, personal lows

3 of Spades – Breaks in relationships, Sometimes indicates that a third person is breaking into a relationship somehow

2 of Spades – Breaks in relationships; deceit, A break in an important process in the querent’s life. If the question concerns a particular romantic interest, this is considered a warning card – infidelity or separation is quite likely.


Pentacles – Earth – Merchants

Ace of Diamonds – Change; a message, often about money, and usually good news.

King of Diamonds – A fair-haired or graying man, or a man with Earth predominating in his chart. A man of authority, status, or influence

Queen of Diamonds – Affair-haired woman; or a woman with Earth predominating in her chart, A gossip

Jack of Diamonds – A youth, possibly in uniform or, a jealous person who may be unreliable. A person who brings news, generally negative, but relatively minor.

10 of Diamonds – A change in financial status, often for the better.

9 of Diamonds – A new business deal; travel; restlessness; a change of residence.

8 of Diamonds – New job; change in job situation. The young or the old may find love on a trip.

7 of Diamonds – An argument concerning finances, or on the job, Generally expected to be resolved happily

6 of Diamonds – Relationship problems, arguments, Separation

5 of Diamonds – Happiness and success. A change for the better, A birth, or good news for a child. This is a good time to start new projects.

4 of Diamonds – Financial upswing; an older person may give good advice.

3 of Diamonds – A legal letter. Be tactful with others in order to avoid disputes.

2 of Diamonds – A business partnership; a change in relationship; gossip.


The Joker

The Joker is the only card remaining from the Tarot trumps. He corresponds to The Fool in the Tarot deck and has some of the same meanings in the regular deck of playing cards. His number is zero and he is truly a “wild card.” When the Joker appears in a reading, it means that something unexpected and uncontrolled can occur. If there are two Jokers with your deck of cards, and you choose to use the Joker in your readings, you need to add only one.

One significant difference between reading the Tarot and reading playing cards is the strong emphasis put on card combinations when reading playing cards. Although the concept applies to the Tarot and is certainly used, the card spreads used and the addition of the Trumps (Major Arcana) makes large numbers of multiples less likely. There are some combinations shared by both decks, especially relating to the occurrence of multiple court cards.

The following chart shows interpretation of multiples of the same card of different suits in the same spread.

Fortune Telling with Playing Card Multiples Resized

Other Playing Card Combinations

There are many combinations of cards which various readers may find significant. Here is a brief list of some of the more common combinations:


Ace of Diamonds/Ten of Hearts – romance leading to marriage

Ace of Diamonds/Ten of Diamonds – marriage for money

Ace of Diamonds/Six of Hearts – invitation

Ace of Diamonds/Six of Spades – news of failure

Ace of Diamonds/Seven of Hearts – news of rivalry

Ace of Diamonds/Nine of Hearts – love letter

Ace of Clubs among Diamonds – success in money matters, business deal

Several Court cards – a social gathering

King, Queen or Jack between two cards of same number – support for person

King or Queen between two Jacks – protection from enemies

Queen of Spades between a King and a Queen – relationship break-up

Jack next to either King or Queen – protection

Jack among several Diamonds – message about money

Seven, Ten and Three of Diamonds – a secret wish will come true Seven and Eight of Diamonds – do not give cause for or spread gossip, will come back to you

Eight of Diamonds and several Court cards of any suit – a social gathering

Eight and Nine of Spades (or Nine and Ten of Spades) – health problems

Nine and Ten of Diamonds – journey by sea

Nine of Diamonds/Eight of Hearts – journey for pleasure

Ten of Diamonds/Ten of Clubs – windfall

Ten of Diamonds/Eight of Clubs – meaningful journey

Ten of Hearts/King & Queen of Hearts – possible wedding

Ten of Diamonds/Seven of Spades – delays

Five and Eight of Spades – jealous rival, be careful

Four of Diamonds and Four of Spades – a decision against one’s will

Fortune Telling with Playing Card Cheat Sheet Resized

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  3. just a dumb question…
    So, how many cards are we actually supposed to pick?

    • The spreads would be the same as those you use for the Tarot. The simplest spread is to pick three cards. The first card is the past. The second card and the card in the middle is the present. The third card is the future. This is great to answer a particular question quickly. Tarot cards mean different things depending if they are rigth side up or upside down. Upside down is almost always bad except for the Devil card. This means you need to be careful how you flip the cards. You should flip Tarot cards from side to side. This is not a consideration with playing cards obviously. A really good site about other spreads is at:
      The Romany spread is the most widely used but you will soon find out there are actually many variations of the Romany spread. The Romany spread is not the easiest spread out there. You might start with the three card spread and then work your way to the Romany spread as you get more experienced. I actually prefer the Celtic Cross to the Romany spread.

  4. My first fortune telling was from a regular playing cards, I took it as a joke, Whatever that aunty told me came through now if I need immediate guidance I use Tarot.

    • I really should right a post comparing the regular playing cards with the Tarot. I like you use both. The playing cards give very, very specific information. There is much less room for interpretation with playing cards. The Tarot gives much more abstract, psychological information and allows for more room for interpretation. An issue largely avoided, is that in both cases one has to assume either a 1) metaphysical principle of synchronicity at work or 2) mediumship to explain how cards would work. I suspect not all people are equal in their ability to draw the right cards or interpret cards once drawn. The person doing the reading is probably more important than the cards used.

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  6. Francis kariuki

    I was born on nov 5th 1988,So how does one kno,or rather wea can one get these tarot readers?

  7. meaning of queen of heart, 10 diamond,jack heart, and 4heart

    • What spread did you use? If it was the standard four card spread then a caring mother figure in your past, some good luck with money very soon, a warm hearted young guy in your future, and maybe you guys hit it off and some travel. The predominance of hearts suggests emotional issues will dominate your life.

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  9. So we just shuffle the cards and pick four cards? whats the proper procedure? thanks!

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  12. I’m learning with regular playing cards but would like to know the best spread to use? Which is best for beginners then which is best for more advanced? I mostly find the 3 card but would like more in depth one

    • You use the same spreads for Tarot and Playing Cards. But… the Tarot cards have a very different meaning upside down so you flip the cards upside from right to left not top to bottom! With the playing cards it doesn’t matter but you might as well get into the habit of flipping right to left so you are ready to use the Tarot as well. Also I think it just looks better and you use less table space and that is a good habit to get into since sometimes you are doing cards on a plane or bus or wherever and table space is at a premium in those situations.

      The Celtic Cross is a good one but takes a while and is not easy:

      Also try the five card spread. Its kind of one step past the three card spread but easier than the Celtic Cross.

      The Celtic Cross is actually a very tough spread to do!

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  14. When I downloaded the images, the text didn’t download with them, just the images with large blank spots below the images,

    • Ok there really isn’t anything to download in the Playing Cards post but I think are you talking about the Oversized Tarot Cards.

      I am still finishing up that document and will be done today or tomorrow. Try again in a couple of days.

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